Recommended Food For Jackson River and Veiled Chameleon


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I have a Veiled chameleon (Chamele), female about 9 months, whom I can hand feed and cup feed easily. Generally, I feed her medium crickets, phoenix (black fly worms a.k.a. repti worms), and an occasional meal worm and/or super worm. She sometimes has some dandelion greens and/or lettuce. She devoured a huge horn worm the other day, but I'm looking for more variety for her. She seems to have lost interest in crickets.

L also have a new juvenile Jackson (Leon), about 3-4 months old, and he doesn't seem to care for crickets either. I tried a horn worm for him the other day, but it scared him! I've only had him a few days and he's beginning to eat from a cup, but only eats a couple phoenix worms. He does like meal worms though, but I'm leary of feeding too many meal worms. I've heard they aren't really healthy or nutritional for either Veiled or Jacksons.

Would appreciate any ideas and insight on how to encourage eating and what are the best worms to feed.


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don't feed mealworms, they can cause impaction but superworms are ok. i would go with bsf bsfl bbf roaches (ivory, orange, dubia) or silkworms very high in nutrients.
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