Recent addition eats mantis


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I've been worried my new cham might not eat in the studio like I would like, and I got him out for his first food shot today. It took him about 3 minutes to go for it, so I am very happy. His tongue is also obviously very healthy and long. Unfortunately, I was off my game's been awhile....and I totally missed the money shot. I put another mantis up there immediately after this one and he missed it 2 times, so I ended up with three tries for a long tongue on the second mantis and I missed all of those too. I know when to quit, so I will try again in a couple days when I get my sh*t together.:)



He looks great, I've been waiting for this thread! Next, you have to feed an orchid lol!
Haha! I actually almost fed him an adult male Orchid today. That Orchid and one more Creo is all I have left that is the proper size. The male Orchid is surely on his last legs by now and I am done using him, so he would actually be a good subject.

Wow fantastic shots giesle
Thanks. I was just happy with my cham, so I posted the pics. Much better to come....
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