Rebel finally had enough....


Rebel has always been all bark and no bite. Well, that changed today. He was not happy about my daughter holding him and he let her know. :eek: LOL She said it didn't really hurt but I'm gonna be scared anyway. Good thing I have

When i had my boy Ringo, he was never a people cham. But we would let me get him if i really needed to. He absolutely hated gloves. One day he was on my arm an i had a glove close by, he would push the glove away with his nose and hiss at it without opening his mouth. He did let my son hold him though which was odd.
I got bit for the first time the other day trying to fix an eye issue... They bite harder then I would of thought... Didnt hurt, but he packed a little punch!! haha.
i got bit once and i have a lot it was my fault too but it doesnt hurt they think there so tough xD all my chams are very social tho
I get bitten so often, I have gotten used to it.
Squee needs to be hand fed, and often mistakes my fingers for a worm!
Also, wild little Kokie bites me every time I handle him.

I could simply use feeding tongs and gloves, but I never think about it!!
I had an adult male veiled chameleon named Charlie that i rescuded from people who were VERY un educated in keeping chameleons. When i got him he wanted to kill everything he bit me till it bled, he nailed me on the finger nail one time and it felt like i slamed my finger into a door!!! It hurt like Hell!! He sadly pased away last November, he was a Beast!!!


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I've been bit several times by my adult male veiled and it is pretty dang painful. not only does he hold on for a long time but he works his jaws a little bit to kind of peel my skin off while he's biting. it's pretty heinous to be honest.
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