Reasons to own an Oustalet's


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So Harry the 400g Oustalet's likes to hang out on the screen and look out the open window. Well the family wanted to put the air conditioning on. so its time to run around and close all the windows...

Well needless to say harry was not happy after the "100 pound soaking wet with a roll of quarters in her pocket" tried to shut the window and encountered resistance. Pretty sure if it was a Jackson's we would be making a vet trip. Instead i get to deal with a a severely pissed off Oustalet's. As luck would have it hes still 100% and is perfectly fine eating silkies as a peace offering.


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This is a great example. They are such a hardy species. Rex loves to do the same thing :eek: you must post a pic... 400g? Rex is 290g at a 10 months.
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