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As I have progressed in cham keeper world I see a dichotomy- you have dedicated female herpers who happen to have chameleons or the woman who keeps chameleons as a complete opposite to the rest of her life. Where do you stand? Me- I get "Well, she has those lizards" like you would say "Well, she is on Prozac. "
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I mainly get smiles when I mention either my babies, or my zoo. People like to come over to see them, but only about 1/2 want me to take my panther out of the cage, even though he's the friendliest guy in the house. I'm a bit ecclectic, saying what I mean, and not caring what others think, so I believe that helps peoples' reactions to me. :D
I don't think that most people would know by looking at me that I keep chameleons - I didn't really start keeping any reptiles till after I was in my 50's- and only chameleons- My daughter's bearded dragons make it unlikely that I will just stick with chameleons in my 80's though. I always had a fondness for turtles and snakes and lizards when I was young - and did have a chameleon when I lived in Ethiopia in the early 70's. I have a feeling I may turn into a dedicated herper in my old age.


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Everyone who sees my chameleons thinks they are really cool. My new neighbors are steering clear of me though after the wife got my roach delivery by mistake and opened the box before she realized. :eek:


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I think half the town learned about my cham keeping. The grapevine is really effective in small towns.
Hubby and I were having lunch out. I told him to help me remember I needed to order crack when I got home. Friend of husband was sitting behind us. His wife is a deputy sheriff. He called David in a panic and said just this once he would not tell Dottie, but I can't say things in public about ordering crack. David almost died laughing as he explained the crack I order is Cricket Crack, and it is to feed the crickets for my chameleons. The whole thing went throught the town like wildfire.:D Anyway for the next month people I didn't even know were asking about my chameleons. Half the kids in town came over to see my chams. Some mothers would go in the room, other would shudder and ask how I could touch them. I still get questions and that was several years ago.
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