Re-Homing a gecko


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Before I say anything, sorry if this is the wrong thread.

But in June I rescued a underweight mistreated female leopard gecko. She’s nice and healthy now and I feel it’s time to give her to a good home.

“ Fancy “ morph i’m guessing about 1-2 years old. Female eats all feeders. Located in Oakland Ca. If anyone is interested in her please feel free to shoot me a message or comment below.

Set up:

Zilla 20L
2 hides
3 bowls
Undertank heater
Thermostat for heater.

Unfortunately I cannot drive to anyone who would want her but she is a little jumpy when handled. I’m hoping she goes to a good home.
Once again I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. Have a good day.


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Do you have any pictures of her?

This was her when i first got her.
She’s chunkier now. I’ll take a new picture of her when i got off of work


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Here’s some updated pictures. Her tails nice and fat. She’s not as long as my other female. But she’s definitely in better condition then what i got her in.


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