rarest panther chameleon locale?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by adamkwas, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. adamkwas

    adamkwas Member

    Title says it all :).

  2. adamkwas

    adamkwas Member

    Does anyone know of the rarest panther chameleon locale?

  3. Jared355

    Jared355 New Member

    I think it's nosi be Bigfoot from what I've read.
  4. Travis2008

    Travis2008 New Member

    I think its a weird answer. Like there are locales that are "rare" just because of the fact that they don't export them from Madagascar frequently but are abundant in the wild.

    Sooooooo I'm going to say there is no real answer to this question.

    just my opinion

  5. Sammag

    Sammag New Member

    I think the answer depends on how you interpret the question as already brought up. So people should answer both:

    What panther cham locale is the rarest in the wild?


    What panther cham locale is the rarest to see within the trade among keepers?

    Problem solved:D
  6. rnara002

    rnara002 New Member

    Nosy Faly would be my opinion on one of the rarest available.
  7. eisentrauti

    eisentrauti Avid Member

    Haha, in Germany not :p
  8. Kent67

    Kent67 Retired Moderator

    Nosy Tanikely? It's a tiny island and I haven't ever seen them in captivitiy, that I know of.
  9. Ryan Jarosek

    Ryan Jarosek New Member

    No way the Elusive Green Faly is the rarest of them all. Some claim they don't even exist. The Blue ones are so common.
    Shhhhhhh..... its a secret.

    I vote for

    Cap Est. as a rare one.
  10. Zen Reptiles

    Zen Reptiles Avid Member

    My vote goes for Ankaramys, how many of those do you see around?

    This is for captively available panthers though, as for wild ones, they are countless.
  11. Thorsten

    Thorsten New Member

    i think the rarest is Mangaoka ;-)
    i never see it in Captivity...in Wild yes!!!:D
  12. reyesjoshuacruz

    reyesjoshuacruz Established Member

    masoala/tamatave/cap est?? blah blah blah

    what ever locale it is........


    he has 2.0 and have never been ever to find suitable females, one looks more like cap est to me, with the hint of blue background

    also sticky tongue imported a single male like this years and years ago,

    and in 2008

    http://www.bluechameleon.org/Tour - Panther Passion Tour - Feb 2009.htm


    i think thats rarest locale in the hobby, only 2 animals that we know of are out there, and no one can say for sure where they came from
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  13. mark tenheggeler

    mark tenheggeler New Member

    mangaoka or lacvert i think. verry nice collar`s

  14. TreelionsUK

    TreelionsUK New Member

    You will see these soon!!;) Agree Very Very Hard to come by
  15. TreelionsUK

    TreelionsUK New Member

    Ampiskiana,Joffreville,Cap de ambre,reunion and Mauritius and also Nosy Komba are all very very seldom seen and can be Considered Rarely Seen locales,also nosy borah(st marie)are hardly ever seen now.
    Falys are everywhere in europe now:D

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