ranger went to vet and...


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I took my 7 mo. panther to vet for not eating and wheezing. Vet said he looks good and sounds good. He did not hear wheezing. Hhha even chams get better before a doctor visit. Vet said we could force feed him and if not eating more in a week give him antibiotics. So here is the problem; I put small meal worms in his mouth and he spit them out! Vet said to give baby food.
Who has forced baby food to their cham and what kind of protein?


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Sorry to hear that Ranger is having some issues. What vet did you go to? Was the vet experienced with chameleons? Did he do a culture and sensitive test to see if he has an RI? Did he do a fecal to check for parasites? Did he look in his mouth and down his throat real good?
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