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When my cham started basking today she had her eyes closed so I thought that was weird. When I got home I notice she as in the same spot (she may have moved and just come back to it, or maybe not) and when I walked in her opened her eyes, but kept blinking them. When she blinked, I saw that there was a bit of swelling and perhaps some pinkness. What is the cause of this and how can I help the swelling go down? I got her from a chain store, and she has never laid eggs, so I am pretty sure she already has health problems. No sign of MBD, but that is just for visuals, no x rays.

The swelling isn't extreme, but it is definitely there. I don't want to have to take her to the vet if this is solvable at home, but if I have to, I will. I tried to get a pic/vid but she is kind of hiding behind the plant hook. I will try to get some food in her with some calcium dust and see if it improves.

*Update* She didn't try to eat and she hasn't eaten in three days . . . I think I need to take her to the vet. Since I got her, I have had less free time and I am usually gone during the day, so I might have to giver her away if she needs an in depth treatment, because euthanasia is only an option for me is she is in intense pain. She is over two years old, which is short for a chameleon, but for a Petco chameleon, who can say. I am looking for the best option here.

I believe only one eye is swelling, and it came up in less than 48 hours, so I am thinking infection?
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I am pretty sure it was a Vitamin A deficiency mixed with dehydration . . . which is odd because I gutload carrots and kale, I have an hourly automatic mister, and I give her a good mist in the morning and afternoon. This is the second time in her life she has gotten nearly fatal dehydration . . . Am I doing something wrong? I mist her plenty and the leaves in her cage catch the water perfectly.

I read somewhere a long time ago that sometimes you can help save a dying chameleon by dripping water on their nose, which I tried (for the second time in her life), and her colors immediately brightened, and she would have drank my entire syringe if I let her. I am going to give it to her hourly, because the last time I had to use the syringe she drank too much and sort of threw it up. I am hopeful that she will survive a few more nights until I can get her into the vet.

Could this be some sort of underlying issue that is causing her drinking problem? I have seen her drink before, but she usually does it away from me because I am an intimidating human. She kind of falls out of the habit, which is weird because I never change my misting schedule and it is always the same fresh water. I use distilled water to keep the nozzle of the misters clean, but should I switch to filtered or tap water to help her retain hydration and gain more vitamins/minerals? I want to prevent this problem for the future.

This is twice in her life I was sure she would die, and I'm still not entirely convinced, but her chance of survival raised by a few percent after that water.
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