Randall is a year old already!


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Time flies, I remember getting him at 4 months old, so little and green and now he is a big handsome boy! Happy Birthday Randall! (He is just coming off a shedding in the picture lol) Just a quick question, how warm should his enclosure be now that he is a year old, Under Basking light its around 81F-84F should it be warmer? I live in Texas and now our A/C runs all the time because its hot outside. So what is an ideal temperature for Randall's enclosure?


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Happy birthday Randall!!! He looks great:) His basking temps should be between 90-95F and the ambient temp in the cage should be around 75-80F.
Happy Hatch Day Randall you handsome boy. I bask my adult male veiled at 89. IMHO 95 would be too hot.
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