raising temps and humidity


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hi my lil cousin lives in a cooler area and needs to know how to raise humidity and temps in a full screen enclosure should he put a backing and maybe the 2 sides at all or any ideas he has mv bulb for heating plus a ceramic heat emitter
will post temps etc tomoro when he emails me back

thank you for everyones time in helping us


The required temps and humidity vary between species, age, and gender. You can find those on the caresheets they have here. https://www.chameleonforums.com/care/caresheets/

Personally, I have my heat lamp on a dimmer switch so I can turn it up or down as needed. If his basking spot isn't hot enough, I switch to a higher wattage light bulb. Ceramic heat emitters, or hot rocks are not appropriate for chameleons. A heat bulb should be more than enough... if it's not, just up the wattage. Remember, chameleons need to have different temperatures throughout his cage, so he/she can regulate their own temperature. Having two temp gauges (one at the top, one at the bottom) will help keep track of that.

Non-toxic plants help maintain proper humidity levels. There are many ways to keep humidity in the cage, including automatic misters, foggers, drippers, etc.
Closing off a side of the cage is ok, as long as the chameleon still has ventilation.


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Yes, covering the sides and back should help.

Many people find that screen cages are a poor choice of enclosure if the environment/temp/humidity in thier home/location doesnt match well with the needs of their chameleons. Covering a screen cage to make more solid sides/back is one way to fix it. Or using a cage that is built with solid or semi-solid sides, like I do :)
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