R.uluguruensis acclimation


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I'm helping a friend with a group of R.uluguruensis and need some help. They are dropping like flies and I want to save as many as I can. Both the brevicaudatus and kersteni are doing well. But the Ulus are not. They are being kept in temporary tubs with substrate a low 15w bulb placed a few inches above the tank and some twigs and leafs. Ambient room temperature is between 68-75F.Twice daily misting and 1 week old crickets offered but not many are being eaten. Any help is appreciated.


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I keep my two a little cooler, around 70/72f max in the summer, 68/70 max atm. Not sure if a few degrees higher would make much difference if i'm honest. I do have a much lower night time drop though, mine in the high fifties, atm. But will drop lower once winter arrives. Again, not sure if this would make a difference. But mine seem to be doing ok. Though, only been keeping R.uluguruensis for around four months or so.
Keep mine individually in 30x30x45 high exo terra's, heavily planted with live plants, lots of twigs & leaves & a natural soil/leaf litter substrate. I just have an Arcadia T5 6% D3 uv tube above mine. Mist mine by hand, twice a day. Once in the morning & once in the evening, before lights out. Small crickets are all that my two will take, but they are both extremely shy. You have to hide, without them seeing you before they will feed.
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