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well, my three month old veiled chameleon died on my two days ago. it wasn't something that seemed to be going on for awhile but it happened rather suddenly. monday night i noticed that he had been acting a bit strange and a bit retarded in the sense he was bobbling all over the place and kept doing a "yawn". i know he wasn't dehydrated because he has a set mister that sprays water into his cage every hour for 15 seconds. he was a darker green shade and kept changing colors over and over. i moved his cage into the bathroom and kicked on the on the shower and let the humidity raise in the room, he seemed to be doing a little bit better, his color returned to a beautiful green and he seemed to be acting a bit better so i left him in the bathroom for the evening. the next morning i did one more hot shower to help him out and he seemed to be ok until i finished getting ready for work and was about to walk out the door when i noticed he was nearly black and had his tongue hanging out the corner of his mouth and his eyes appeared to have dried up and he stopped breathing...i feel like i failed my little fella and it's actually making me want to shy away from trying again...i had all the proper setups, uv lights, humidifier, mister..etc..i had just purchased him an even bigger cage that i never got to use...makes me depressed... :(
intergalatical.... I'm so sorry! Don't give up yet! I know that winter alotta chams pass due to weather... But keep that chin-up and prepare for spring.

I am sorry to hear about your loss :( If you really want to know what happened, a vet might be able to solve the mystery with a postmortem exam.
he was bobbling all over the place and kept doing a "yawn"
The yawning could have been a sign of a URI (upper respiratory infection). This is just a guess though.
Sorry about your loss. I agree with brad about the URI. Also misting 15seconds every hour was not enough at all. I mist my Cham 3 times 15minutes each session.
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