R.I.P Grimsby :(

My first cham aka Grimsby has passed away suddenly in the span of less than 24hrs :( He was a Jackson`s Jacksooni and was approximately 1 and a half years old ...have had him for the past 7 months.

I have been wondering what might have went wrong as everything was in place temps, supplementation, lighting,hydration, humidity, gut - loading and he even got natural sun :( It all started Wed before night time where I saw him dark in colour...the next morning he woke up darkish in colour also but just assumed that it was him in a bad mood and I also misted and he drank. Throughout the day my girlfriend misted another 3 times and even put in an a/c unit to drop down the temps as ambient was at 75F and thought it was something to do with it...until the eve he was ready to sleep but his colours were kind of patched with light and dark colours but seemed to be getting lighter (Pj`s) later in the night.

Woke up this morning to find him lifeless :( I have not a clue what went wrong just know that I will miss him deeply as he was very gentle and comfortable around humans..
Sorry to hear that man. That's tough. Sounds like you had everything in order. Sometimes nature just takes it's course.. Maybe none of the conditions were wrong, and it was just Grimsby's time.. Hang in there
I was so sorry to read this post last night. I know from your posts that you really cared about the little guy and went to great lengths to give him everything he needed.

I am so sorry for your loss. It makes it even harder that the cause is a mystery. My Reggie is about the same age and is battling a mystery illness right now, so I know what you are going through.

I hope you continue keeping chams and participating on the forums
Thanks to everyone's response ..it still left me wondering if there was something I could do to prevent it but ?? :/ I have buried him in one of our houseplants to keep him close to us..
It is just amazing how attached you can get to a Cham...it also makes it clearer that he had his own charchter, his own look in his eyes! He will never be forgotten as my tiny gentle buddy :)
That said it has not put me off one bit when it comes to keeping chams..it's just something I can't really explain ...actually I can > If I don't own and spend time caring for my chams, I would have a part of me missing!
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