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I would like to start keeping pygmie chams.. r. brevs in particular. I am fascinated by these little guys, but the only thing that puts me off is that I have heard that they have a very short life span and I get so attached!

I have searched and searched but I haven't found anything that gives a specific average life span. Can anyone help me out with this?

Also, does anyone know of the sites of some good breeders? I am in Northern Kentucky.

Thanks guys!
Cherron, It doesn't really seem that many people could responsibly tell you a defined age that these chameleons live to, because they simply haven't been kept with success, long enough to create enough data to give a standard. However, I believe roo has suggested 2-3 years.

Remember, they reproduce well, so if you can get over the attachment to individuals, then you should be able to keep a sustaining colony, adding in new blood only once and a while.

Oh, that makes so much more sense. I wondered why you would use a poopy brev baby for your cute little video...

It does seem that brev babies are somehow always decorated with poo, though.
I can’t say for sure … I keep hearing 2-3 years. What I absolutely do know is that you want captive bred over wild caught. The longest I have kept WC alive is roughly 14 months. They end up dying for numerous reasons. My first captive bred group is doing well; it’s almost 2 years old however I had to replace the male after about 6 months. He was looking great and then one day I found him deader then a doornail. I think the three females with him really worked him over … a few months later I had quite a few babies from that group. I think this captive bred group could last another year – maybe a bit more. They are definitely showing some age though

I love that animation Will, get going a on one with them breeding.

We caught ours breeding a few weeks ago...but I don't have a digital cam, much less a movie camera. By the time I got the old Pentax SLR set up on the tripod, they had cut and run. My sister says I'm a pervert anyway, for wanting to take pics of it...;)
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