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Hey everyone,
I have been preparing for my chams to come early next week. Thats why I don't have pics yet. I'm not new to the hobby but have been MIA for a couple years. I have their cages and misting system set up (man back in the day I was still using ice cubes) Just a quick question for you experts out there.

I will be receiving my new 3month old Ambilobe and 5month old Ambanja babies soon. I remember raising my Vield and when he was 3 months, he was already eating medium size crickets (as I recall). With that said, will they need 2 different sizes crickets and worms? Hopefully one size will suit both of them?

ALso what worms should I feed less and which more?

Thanks You guys for your comments. Cant wait for them to arrive!

Welcome to the forums! At their age I would get 1/4in or 3/8th crickets. you could get the 1/4 inch and let them grow and feed off the biggeer ones to the 5 month old. They dont always all grow at the same rate and you will have some that are larger than others. As far as worms, silks are very good to feed as well as hornworms. Good for hydration. Waxworms are very fatty so should be used sparingly as should the meal worms which are high in chitin. Supers are good feeders also but be careful cause most chams love them....and sometimes too much and don't want to eat anything else then!!!!
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