Quick question please about new encloser


I will be getting a new male BB Ambilobe Panther early next week *courtesy of Romeo* and I'm wondering if the new foliage I got is a bit too much? I think it may be (my significant other does not lol) but I wanted some opinions please. I just want it to be perfect for him. I'm going to trim it down some so it's obviously not sticking out of the cage like it is in the pics and I'll move the large vnines down towards the bottom for more walkways. What do you think??:confused:?? Thanks so much!


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I think it looks pretty good, maybe trim the denser areas. If its a baby it should be fine. If its full grown it may be harder to move around. That's just my opinion. Looks awesome though!
I'm definitely not an expert but I always figure start with the most foliage and walkways closer to the top (maybe one or two at the bottom in case prey gets there) then as you Cham grows,and gets comfortable you can thin the plants.
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