Quick question for Jackson keepers from a new one


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Hey all,

I became a jackson keeper last Wednesday :) and have a quick question. He came from Florida (5 to 7 months old) and seemed to travel well but now he just spends the entire day basking under the UVb light (I have 2 24 inch 5.0 reptisun bulbs) and has lost his appetite. I am just curious to see if your jackson's like to hang out under the UVb light or if they move around. I have 2 basking spots - one at 78 degrees and one at 80 degrees but he never goes there. I am starting to wonder if he is used to natural sunlight - sent a email to the breeder to see.

I am waiting to hear back from the breeder but was curious if anyone else's do this.


Andy Dixon
Our female panther came from Dr. O in Florida. She spends a decent amount of time either under her basking spot or right under the uvb light. We try our best to keep her from climbing up on the screen to get under the uvb light but it doesnt really work. I just think she's used to natural sunlight and is trying to make up for not being outside all the time.
The not eating thing is absolutely normal. When I first got my Jax he went on a nine day hunger strike that had me in a near panic. Give him a few more days to chill and get used to his new home. Definitely have a fecal check done for parasites. It is cheap and quick. My little guy is very chill, so I have since learned that when he's feeling stressed, he doesn't always show it in the normal way (colors, hissing, etc).

Give him some space, let him establish his new territory, and see how he settles in.

"Checking on him" every five minutes like I did probably didn't help, but it's so hard to leave them alone when they are so darned cute!
Hey guys thanks for the info :), makes me feel better! Lathis you made me laugh - needed that. I will keep an eye on him (but not too close of one) and see how it goes. I have moved the 40w bulb so that it is shining on his UVb spot - thinking maybe he is too cold and trying to warm up. Not too worried about parasites - he is captive bred and from an excellent breeder. BUT it never hurts to check it out, thx for the idea.

Will keep you posted - he is a cool looking dude for sure.

Just an update - I added a bushy vine to the top of the enclosure to give him more cover, he seems to really like it. He still likes the UVb/basking area but he is not near as dark now and has started eating again. I guess he was feeling exposed and stressed. Much more relaxed now and settling in. I am going to leave him alone for a couple of weeks before I get him out into the natural sunlight.

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