Questions for Vets

I recently got two chameleons - The first was a baby Jackson when a girl at work had unexpected babies, I've had that one for 2 weeks and he was a week 1/2 old before I got him- I had a chameleon 40 years ago in Ethiopia and have reverted to my childhood. I've read as much as I could and when I got my panther from a local breeder he looked at my set up and said that it looked good and gave me some much needed information (or clarified the information that I had already consumed by reading everything I can) My question concerns Vets- there is a Reptile Vet who is listed on the list on this site's list who is about 45 min from here- but recently a Vets office opened right down the road. I have appointments for my cats with the close one who does have a picture of a Chameleon on his site - I was wondering what are good questions to ask when deciding on if a vet really knows his stuff about chameleons -
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