questions about feeding cups


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how would i introduce it to him...he has never fed that way
I use a plastic cup with 10 feeders in it put In my supplements and swirl it till there coated. Then I tilt it right at him and be real still and u should see his eyes lock with that ur gonna die look. He may be nerveous at first so hold It awhike if he doesnt take try later/ next day.

I upgraded to a milk judge 1/2 gal. That i cut the front out of and bottom lined with mesh and hung it near the top of the cage. About 75% of the crickets stay in there. (adding lettuce helps keep em in there) the rest are good for natural instinct exercise.


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Sorry. Reason I cut bottom from milk jug it allows drainage cause crickets goal in life is to find a drop to drown In.


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Great videos to show how to get chams used to cup feedings and no get used to your hand being a good thing.

I just put my cup in the cage and let them hear the crickets jump around. That got them interested and then they just starting using it. I got lucky.


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I use a large cup cut below the half way mark and just have it hanging inside her cage, i put holes in the bottom of the cup though so water can drain when the misters go off. some crickets still get out and crawl on the screen but it seems to work pretty nice though. I mainly use it as a convenient way to put the crickets in the cage. she gets some still in the cup and hunts the rest


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I think sometimes cup feeding can be great. I use it, for example, for the insects that you couldn't really set free in the cage like roaches or worms. But things like crickets, grasshoppers, mantids, etc., I let loose in the cage. I think it's important to allow your chameleon to hunt occasionally, so they don't get lazy tongues or dependent on the cup. But it can be pretty practical!
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