her cage is in my bed room, i only moved her once and have only peeked in the door a few times while she had her face in the tunnel she is digging. i already read a few egg laying threads to learn how i go about this. she stopped eating 2 days ago. refused her food this morning. so she looks gravid? and what about the possibility that she is WC? petco only had her about 3 days when i got her. also do i mist her at all while she is in the bin?
ok, i just peaked in, she had her back to me, she has her rump in the tunnel, so i think she is laying some eggs now..
What do you mean? Did she cover the hole then go back up or what?

I doubt she is wild caught. Veileds (CB) are very common.
well she is now one TICKED off cham, but i didnt feel any lumps, and managed to not get bit in the process.... just felt her rib cage and fat... maybe she is just over weight from me feeding her daily? she was eating alot of supers...
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