Hey everyone, I'm back with another question. Tarzan has been doing pretty well, eating up lots of bugs and roaming around his cage. Today I got him to climb on my hand from insider his cage by placing a worm on my arm and he climbed on without hesitation. Once I got him out though he started darkening and hissing nonstop so I put him back after about 2 minutes. I know chameleons aren't the most friendly little critters but will this kind of behavior pass or is there something I could be doing to make him stop hissing/calm him down? He also hasn't shed since I got him, however the pet store I got him from said he was fresh out of she'd.


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It could be he's going through his teens. Could be he saw something he didn't like when he was out on you. Honestly it could be a multitude of different things. I know my Male veiled is the opposite. He hisses and gapes to get out but once he's out he's a sweetheart.


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Veileds can be moody. He most likely was too focused on the worm to realize he climbed on you then got nervous. Keep calm when he does this and put him back in the cage. Hopefully he will begin to realize you are not a threat.
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