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My 2 veileds one is male the other is female. They are wild caught approximately 1 month old. I finally have their feeding on a schedule they both is 5-6 small crix a day. They both get a couple hours in real sun every other day. The question is regards to hydration. I never see them drink they are still too timid when im around so can I count on the urate? If its white am In the clear. They get misted 4 times a day aswell as a dripper. Also is their any thing I need to be careful of since they are wild caught.

thanks for the help

PS these little guys are amazing. They are clever the male is always tryong to escape he makes a run for it everytime I stop looking at him.


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If the urate is white, then don't worry. Many members rarely see their chameleons drink which leads me to believe they do not drink all the time. Maybe they get enough moisture from their feeders. As far as I know the main thing with wild caught is they often come in with heavy loads of parasites. A fecal test can determine this and they can be put on meds for that.
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