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I currently am using an exo terra mini tall for my veiled had him since Thursday but I'm using a compact 5.0 uvb bulb and he's been keeping one eye closed for almost 2-3 days now I fear it's from the bulb so I wanna change to a strip...
Anyone know of a good fixture and light that is smaller than 18" I can't find any


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I would just get a bigger cage that the strip will fit on.

and we don't usually have issues with the compact bulbs any longer, if hes keeping his eye closed, it could be that the light is too close to him, so try raising it.

or he has something in his eye and it bothers him.

it would be helpful for you to fill this form out, so we can determine if its just the intensity of the light, or something else.

Also, post photos, it can help a lot as well.


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Veiled chameleon name Banjo. I'm guessing about 2 months old, male.

Handling: since Thursday taken out twice.

Feeding crickets offering mealworms but not interested gutloaded w/ flukers orange cubes.

Supplements. Exo terra calcium+D3, exo terra multi vitamins twice a week. Reptivite everyday.

Watering: mist 3-4 times a day

Fecal description: I've cleaned terd everyday since getting him Thursday. Dark healthy looking all white pee.

Cage: exo terra glass terrarium 12x12x18

Lighting I have a 50w halogen basking bulb, and uvb I use 13 w reptiglo 100 uvb bulb they are on 12 hours a day. Once lights go out banjo knocks out when they turn on he wakes up.

Temp: temps usually around 88-93 at basking spot and thru day humidity is 40-80

Plants I use a spider plant right now and then fake vines

Location: he's in my bedroom although he isn't bothered by human interaction as every time I open to let him out he comes to me and he hasn't turned a dark color for a second. All bright green all day.

I'm located in mass.

The problem is since day two he has kept his eye closed most of day. Opens when moving and eating but still keeps closed after. Ive given extra misting to flush and gave 15 min shower to try flush out. I even went and got eye drops to moisten and help clean.

Idk how to post pics but if someone wants to for me I can send via email. Thank you


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Well you do have a few issues that need to be addressed.

Don't offer mealworms too much, they have a hard exo skeleton, and can cause impaction.

Supplementing- you are over doing it. He needs the calcium with d3 twice a month, and the reptivite twice a month. he needs a calcium WITHOUT d3 for every feeding.

gutloading- that orange stuff is crap. read blogs by sandrachameleon on here. the bugs need fresh fruits and veggies.
I would get a screen cage. it provides much better ventilation.

the halogen bulb could be too intense for his eyes. try using just a regular house bulb.

temps are way too high for a baby that young. get those temps down to around 85 for now.

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I've only given the calcium w d3 once since I had him Thursday... What vitamins don't have d3 in them?
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Have a look at the zoomed supplements. That is what I use and they are great.

The companies making compacts say they have been fixed but again I am seeing problems with eyes coming up caused by them. To for the trip bob if you can. If there is overhang it will not be long until he grows and will need a bigger cage so it will not be there for long.
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