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I GOT A QUESTION: For snakes when they shed its not recomended to bug them or hold them is it the same for Chams??

Blender is shedding again. this is the second shed since i got him so i was just wondering.

when they shed can i mist him dirrectly or around him?? usually i mist him and around.

thanks for the help
well...............I handle my chameleon all the time no matter they are shedding or not....just that when they are shedding...they tend to be a little more aggressive. Spraying onto them when they shed sometimes might cause the old skin to adhere onto them. So, I would not recomend it. But if there are still remnent of old skin stuck onto them...i usually give them a bath and try to loosen the old skin that got stuck!! Hope this helps!!:D
yes........sometimes they recycle their skin to get some of the calcium from it..indicating u might need to dust ur feeder more!!
It is common for veileds to eat their own skin. From what I have read they will eat the skin left from other reptiles too. I would not think to much about it with them.

I see mine eat their skin most of the time. The rest of the time it dissappears without me cleaning it up so I assume they eat it even when I do not witness it.
Newborn to 6 months old.............i usually feed them everyday... Monday, Thursday I suppliment with Rep Cal with D3...... and Wednesday, Saturday Repcal Multivitamin........

There is another way from Bluebeast Reptile:

2 month old chameleon up to 6 months:

Monday- Insects with no supplements. Sunday and Thursday- Herptivite Multivitamin. Wednesday and Saturday- MinerAll O. Tuesday- Rep Cal Calcium with D3. Friday- Rep Cal Calcium

(p/s: this list of supplements seems like a heavy supplement schedule. When supplements are used this often in this manner, it's very important to dust VERY LIGHTLY)
how do u dust lightly?? what i do is put the crickets in a zipblock bag and then add alittle dust and get the crickets to get is that ok??
for example.................. usually you will put maybe a teaspoon of suppliment on to ur feeder.......... light means..........put manybe 1/4 suppliment or less i guess:confused:
well right now im only dusting 4 days aweek and only with calcium. should i dust alittle more heavy and increase it to 5 day since he ate his skin??:confused:
nah..................never over do will be bad for your chameleon!!! it is normal for veiled to eat their skin.....dont worry!!
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