Question on lighting


I am considering modifying my room to give my chameleon a partial freerange. If I implement this I would open her door during the day and bring up a vine that would lead to something like a dwarf umbrella plant of a large ficus. I have a light fixture that I will use for a basking light. My question is: Do I need to buy another UVB light if she will only be spending part of her time freeranging?
It depends how you define "part time". If it's just a couple of times a week for a couple of hours at a time, then probably not. If you are have your cham spend significant time in your free range, you might want to consider providing UVB. I have a MVB bulb that I have above my free range tree that is for heat or UVB if they want it, but I don't put them in the tree for extended periods of time.
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