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Discussion in 'Other Reptiles And Pets' started by qdude46, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. qdude46

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    i was interested in getting one or two cobalt tincs and i had two questions before i make a decision: could one or two cobalt tincs live in a horizontal 10g tank because i heard that they like horizontal vivs instead of vertical ones like most dart frogs, and do they require any UVB or is a fluorescent and plant bulb enough lighting?
  2. imcurt

    imcurt Established Member

    I've had a pair in a 10gal vivarium since jan2012.They are thriving. They have produced eggs twice in the last 6weeks.
  3. qdude46

    qdude46 Member

    was it horizontal?
  4. sandrachameleon

    sandrachameleon Chameleon Enthusiast

    It would be sufficient, but not ideal. They are not the smallest of the dart frogs, and they are bold and active. Give them more space if you can.
    though primarily "on land", I find mine do use vertical space.
    I use a UVB tube formerly on a chameleon cage (and thus emitting very little UVB anymore) as well as a small incandescent bulb.

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