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So... My male veiled chameleon Dante is 1.3 years old... and I actually never tried to offer any fruit because when he was younger he would just reject them.
He likes hibiscus flowers.. but he doesnt eats them often.
This week I tried to offer some papaya and apples just to see what happened... and I was really surprised that he ate them!
He seems to really like papaya...
I know fruits and greens should be used occasionally..
but how often would it be "occasionally"?
how often can I offer fruits?


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Mine really likes bananas. He ignores everything else.

Bananas are high in potassium, so PLEASE limit the amount you are giving to your chameleon. I suggest maybe once or twice a week feed him some banana but honestly its around the same as feeding him a pinky mouse. They're not supposed to have that much potassium (or in the pinky mouse case: protein and hair).

Also do not feed avacado. It is toxic.

As for some "safe" fruits/veggies:
Mango (occasionally)
Strawberries (occasionally)
Spaghetti Squash

Basically just look up SandraChameleon's blog on gutload. Anything you feed your feeders (with the exception of dry gutload and water cubes) should be safe.

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I don't have chams that eat fruit so I can't answer your question...

The OP wants a definition of how often is "occasionally."

Can somebody answer the question?;)

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