Quadricornis breeding... AGAIN!!!


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Hello all!
Well this morning, my quads were at it, for the fourth time that I have seen in the past two weeks. I don't know if the female is not becoming gravid, or the male just likes getting it done :rolleyes:. I finally got some pictures of them, so I will share them finally! They were at it for about five minutes, and then they went their ways. The thing is, I don't know when to get ready for the eggs? Should I just be safe and use the first breeding date and put her with a laying bin then?

Thanks, and Enjoy!



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Yeah just to be on the safe side I'd use the first date of copulation. That last pic is just hilarious. He looks like he's pissed your interrupting his alone time with his woman. Good luck with laying and incubation bro..
So the female doesn't gape or hiss at him? Are they together all time? It seems strange that she would be willing for that long, but who knows.
They live in the same enclosure. They have been for two months, and they do not bother each other too much. I hand feed both of them, so I know they eat enough. She has not hissed or anything at him. Not sure why? But it's not that big of a deal in my opinion. She is also getting big too, so I am assuming she may be gravid.

Nice :)
You have 3 males and 1 female though?
I also noticed in your signature, no verrucosus, you still have them?

Edit: just went through your other thread and found out!
Why did you switch to quads? breeding wasnt going well with the verus?
Breeding was fine with my verrucosus. I got 14 eggs from them. I had this pair of quads, and wanted to focus on one species for now, and I got these to build my breeding project when they get older, and when I get eggs. I love the Verrucosus, and probably will make a place for another pair, so I can still work with them.

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