quad eggs incubating almost 6 months


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:eek: Just 3 days away and it will be 6 months that this clutch of quad eggs have been incubating. Of all the quad clutches I've had, and I've had my share, I've never had a clutch take this long to hatch (same incubation parameters). Almost always, they have hatched right at 5 months, give or take a few days. The clutch that took the longest to hatch was almost 2 weeks past the 5 month mark. The shortest, less than 25 days, but that's another story, one that many are skeptical of, but I don't blame them. :) I just hope these are alright.

Hiss!! Don't even say things like 6 months out loud. My 5 month mark is Tuesday and I want babies!!!

It does seem like 6 months is long but I have not hatch enough to know. You are the one with the most experience hatching.

Let me know how it goes.
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