Quad babies.


Friendly Grasshopper
So I don't have time todo a full post but thought I would toss up a few pics

Just a few from my iPhone got better on my cannon.
So far 4 are out 1 from 1 clutch 3 from another.
Totally unrelated to each other all CB from CB parents
that is amazing hoj!!
what a great achievement! I hope you got my name on a pair of unrelateds lol.
those are some cute little quads my friend!! Great job!!:)
Congrats! So two different clutches hatching at the same time? What are the odds of that happening? When was each clutch laid and how many eggs in each clutch? Let's trade! :D I've been waiting for new blood. :)

Ha ha! Hoj, you are just like me! Your PM box is at or near capacity so I wasn't able to message you. :D Clear off a little space anyway. ;)

as long as the mother and father were not from a shipment from first choice reptiles about a year and a few months ago ill take a female ?????
It is so good to have friends!! I was so happy to be the first one you called. Maybe mine will hurry up and come out. The wait until I can get some of your babies is going to kill me.:eek: Oh well keep texting the pictures, I love each and every one of the little green people. Congrats, i always knew you could do it.:D:D:D
Thx everyone I have 7 out and running now.
The parents are from all over but were also CB babies that I raised specifically to breed. I have 7 in one clutch and 9 in the other. They were laid on jan 30. And feb 6. Funny the first to hatch were the jan clutch and the feb clutch started the next day.
I have been working towards this for a long time and couldn't have done it with out the help of CF and esp Laurie, Trace and Jmart.
Don't worry Laurie ill keep u up to date and send u all the pics.
Wow! Congrats!

Great work with this amazing species!!!! I expect to see many photo updates in the coming weeks / months :D
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