Pygmy substrate???


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Could someone be real specific about what they use for the top layer of a pygmy tank. I would like to get a small "herd" of brevs.:confused:
For mine I used coconut fiber over top of organic, perlite free potting soil. The coconut fiber doesn't get soupy when it is wet but still holds enough moisture to help with humidity and for the females to dig in if they are gravid.
The coconut fiber is my problem I think. First of all I cannot find it locally, secondly does it need to be ground up or shredded or what?
I bought mine at a nursery in a 2 pound brick. You soak it in water and it expands to like 5 times it's compacted size. I believe mine was ground. It didn't look shredded. It shouldn't be too hard to find. I have also seen it in pet stores around here and I live in-the-middle-of-nowhere-Kentucky!
Ok-ordered what I need off of LLL Reptile--- as for the carbon/charcoal layer-can that be fish tank filter charcoal?
I sure hope so cause that is what I used for mine. I could only find it in big pellets so I put it in a big ziploc bag and pounded on it with a mallet for a while ;)
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