Pygmy Palace (round 2)


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After some great feedback from all of you, i have revamped my brev cage. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! :D


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Very nice. Heavy planted to provide a lot of hide places for them. But, they like the branches too, should you put in more too?

How many pymgy do you have inside? How about your misting system? hand-mist? :D thank you.
Hey guys, thanks for all of the great feedback! To answer some of your questions: the terrarium is an exo-terra (18x18x18). I am currently hand misting, but it is making my hand very tired:eek: . I really want a pro mist but they are pretty expensive. Are the habba misters really that loud, or are they worth the money? As for the log in this terrarium, it is an aquatic oak root that was growing in a creek near my house. I was super excited to find it because it fit perfectly! I find that roots give a more natural look to a ground- dwelling chameleon cage. The manzenita and madrone branches are beautiful, however, i find them more useful in my veiled's (or any other arboreal species) cage. I originally had manzenita in this cage and i just didn't like the way it looked. The vine that you see hanging is actually a secondary root that grew off the terminal root. I will put some more sticks and twigs in there to accomidate the needs of my little tresures. :) Thanks again for all the feed back, you guys!:D

Roo, I'm glad you're not defensive about the Misty Mate any more! I do love mine, mostly because I have brevs. When it's out of water Drew will often be lazy and use the frog mister (like Will pictures) instead of refilling the misty mate; but the fine spray is sooooo much better for their little eyes, and for getting everything good and wet without soaking the tank! But I got the human version, much cheaper, w/out the suction cup thingy.

FYI - you can buy the exact same item at Walgreen's for $9.99. Someone on the other forum posted about it last year and I got one. Darwin (beardie) LOVES his! I set him in his tub, pump up the MM and aim it at his head - he is in Misty heaven! lol! I have also used on Cyrus in lieu of humidifier at times. I just checked the volume and it holds about 8 oz. (as opposed to Big Apple 10oz) but for the price could get three :D

here's a pic
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