Pygmy or carpet chameleon


Anyone know of any breeders that would have either available at the moment. I’ve checked all the online stores I know of and and basically everything is sold out. Really wanting a female carpet but would settle for a Pygmy type


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You can try FLchams. I think they have both available. Carpets are a little harder to find. Not many people are breeding lateralis... Well I don't see a lot of discussion here anyway. There is one person that got a pair last year but I'm not sure how the breeding project has come along. Use the search and I think you can find a few discussions about them.


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FLChams hasn't had pygmies available in many years. You won't find any captive bred pygmies anywhere very often.

As for carpet chameleons, check Frank Payne and Kevin Standford, but you have to get real lucky with timing to get any. They sell out unbelievably fast


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ive heard a lot of god about them, although never worked with them! hopefully you find what you're looking for!
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