Pygmies are laying eggs!


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Hey, two of the girls are laying eggs.. can anyone help with preparing perlite? I have some in a plastic gladware dish, and have added enough water so that it is damp, but there is no unabsorbed water in the bottom of the container. Will this work?

Hang tight Heika.. getting you the thread and I just sent you an email. Don't remove eggs yet until we get your container prepared :). Yay! Eggs.

I know many use Perlite. I use Vermiculite. I have hatched out a lot of R. Brevs and I wet the vermiculite to where I can barely squeeze out a drop of water if I squeeze it as tight as I can. I used a disposable rubbermaid container and poked a couple of pin size holes in the lid for ventilation. I'm sure others may have different ways including Perlite but this worked very well for me everytime and I've hatched out every Brev.egg laid for me using this technique. I've had them hatch out as early as 50 days.

Good Luck and Congrats,
By the way, I use Vermiculite too now. I used to not be able to find it in Maryland, because of some cancer warning issues. But, just a few weeks ago, found it in a nursery and have used it since. It is much more user friendly.
Woohoo! How exciting! I pulled 6 little eggs out! That is a lot for one tiny R. brev! I have the container set up, now it is just the wait. I will pick up some vermiculite later this week, and use it for future batches, or should I transfer these guys off of the perlite? Thanks, Jenna and Mike! I went looking for posts everywhere! I should have prepared better for this moment...

Anyhow, 2 months from now or so!!



Nicely done! I would recommend leaving the eggs alone where they are and not trying to move them. Perlite works just fine and I have many of my eggs incubating in the Perlite right now. It is best to never move the eggs once they are placed.

Great job Heika.... now the wait... Geez, I wish I only had a 2 month wait for my panthers rather than the 9 months! lol Drives me crazy...

Can't wait to see when they hatch!
Thanks! This is the most exciting hobby! Those eggs are tiny.. about the size of a tic tac, as someone on another forum pointed out. The photo did turn out well.. I am finally learning how to use my camera somewhat. Maybe someday I will graduate from this Kodak digital to a SLR. There are lenses available for this camera, and I think I will buy some. I would like a macro lens and a tele lens, although the macro on this camera is actually pretty good. I can't take a close close picture though. With the other lens I could... :D

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