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hello everyone,

its been awhile since I've made a post been pretty busy, Bandito is getting older and a lot bigger. he is doing great and looking good. only problem is he is out growing his 24''x24''x40'' at least i think he is. i dont know how much bigger he is going to get he is about to turn 1 year old!!! pretty proud of my little man.

any who the reason for this post is what does everyone think about a pvc pipe and metal mesh cage. i do not have the means to make one out of wood or metal, or buying a new cage.his tree in his cage i made out of pvc and he loves it. i did a search and no one is really talking about this. i would be able to do alot better with drainage then his screen/glass cage he is in right now.i have alot of plans for this, like anding "T" connectors in the frame to and a branch where ever you want them. adding extra on the type of cage to attach the lights to. and i can put my mistking whereever would be best..

the picture is one off google for sugar gliders something like this just taller.

all comments will be appreciated




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Maybe plastic coated wire mesh:)

Also, will this cage be outside at night? If so, some people don't consider nighttime wild life when it comes to security, they just think of their nieghborhood safety/security with people.

Just a thought:)
thanks for the input. would rubber coated mesh be better? and if so why? does it mess with their feet? just wondering.
and no this will actually be an inside cage for him to have more room..

thanks again!
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