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Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by ChromaChameleons, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. ChromaChameleons

    ChromaChameleons New Member

    Has anyone used Purina Cricket Chow or know what the content of it is , specifically the protein content?????
  2. james L

    james L Established Member

    Isnt that a brand of dog food?
  3. skyedog

    skyedog Member

    Purina does sell cricket chow. I tried googling it and there is no ingredient list that I could find. Maybe contacting Purina to see if they can send you the ingredient list/protein content...


    Maybe thats worth a shot. Good luck :)
  4. rmichaelk

    rmichaelk New Member

    I think the Mazuri product is different from the Purina cricket chow. Here is a link to the Mazuri product https://www.mazuri.com/PDF/5M38.pdf.

    From what I have heard Purina now makes chow for crickets and eartworms too.

  5. TylerStewart

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    Purina IS Mazuri - It's the same thing. Purina makes pet feeds (dog, cat), where their "Mazuri" side makes more of a zoo animal feed.

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