puffy eye , baby panther.


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alright so, one of my hatchlings, probably about 1-2 months atm, i noticed this morning that his one eye is a bit puffy/mishaped, he just finished a shed... it looked like something was caught in the eye....

other then a warm shower/ misting what can i do to help him out? he's so small and difficult to work on...

id get a photo..but my camera is down and i don't have macro options atm.

any ideas ....
I had the same thing happen with one or two of mine after the first shed. Just increase fine misting so he has water to clean out his eye. It should work itself out. One of them was sleeping with one eye open for one night which scared me to death thinking he was blind in that eye but he is fine now. He worked the shed out of his eye within a couple of days.
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