Psst! Pj pics. :)


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Hey guys, I've been very neglectful to you all here on the forums lately, and I was thinking about you guys today, i miss you.
So I thought I'd pop in and say hey. And as its rude to do that without having a picture update, lol, I snuck a couple quick pajama pictures for you. (They are asleep when I get home from work.)
Zelig woke up and was unimpressed lol. (dang flexarium zippers make sneaky pictures nearly impossible)
So, without further ado, here's my fellas going ni-nites. :)

Zelig (Raiden/Nala son nosy faly)
Zaphod (Mufasa/Lexus son nosy mitsio)
Wow! both of them have extraordinary lime green colors. :D

I know, good thing lime green is one of my most favorite colours! Haha.
It's funny though, obviously you expect lime green on a mitsio, but the faly, in daylight, it doesn't register as lime green, he's basically a combination of a teal blue and an ice blue (where white should be) and then some yellow accents. But it's like there is a base of yellow underneath the teal blue, so in certain light sometimes, but mostly just when he sleeps, that yellow will shine through the teal and turn it into a sort of lime green. When sleeping its really exagerrated. It's really neat.
I'm glad he's not just the "classic" faly red white and blue, his different colours ended up being my favourite things about him (besides his supersweet personality) - it's like someone designed him special just for me :)
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