Prolapse or hemipenis?

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by lou8706, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. lou8706

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    Hello everyone, i have a problem (i assume) with my 6 month old panther. About ten minutes ago i went to feed him his crickets (about 5 3/4 inchers). For the first time since i have had him, he ran up to the screen door and started trying to escape, passing back and forth. It looked like he wanted to come to me, so i opened the door, and he eagerly came onto my arm. This is the first time i've ever even held him. His colors got very bright as well.

    When i put him back into his cage about two minutes later, a bright red blob came out of his vent. It was about the size of his eyeball, and after about 10 seconds it went back in. It really frightened me as i assumed it was a prolapse. I would have taken a picture but it was so fast.

    By the description, does anyone have any ideas if it was a prolapse or maybe just his hemipenis coming out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Parandrus

    Parandrus New Member

    It could be either, but the good news are that it went back in. I would assume it was a hemipenis protrusion and retraction and it could have been caused maybe by an overexcitement on the part of your chameleon. Mayeb reaching puberty and got quite happy about it.
    It is not unusual for chameleons to evert the hemipenis and then retract it on their own, the danger of course is when the hemipenis doesn't go back in and becomes a prolapse.
    Keep a good eye on him and let him enjoy life, LOL.

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  3. boothy

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    ahaha i bet he was tryin to get his jollys off on you ,iv personaly witnessed a hemipenal prolapse on my male veild , he sadly passed away befor i could get him to a vet! and trust me if it was a hemipenal prolapse it would be sticking out and its very red in colour, here is a link i found it will show you what it looks like

    , if it looked like this keep an eye on him and phone a vet in advance and tell them wat happend to if it does happen you can rush him to a vet, they might have to cut a peice of flesh off depends on how long its been out and if it dries up, but if not they just stuff it back in and given a stich either way and then he will have to wear a diaper thingy ahah for a few days and then he should be good but good luck hope its not one
  4. lou8706

    lou8706 New Member

    thanks for the replies. it was nowhere near that big, and it wasn't out for more than ten seconds. is this still considered a prolapse or is it normal? should i take him to a vet?
  5. Parandrus

    Parandrus New Member

    Usually a prolapse is considered when it won't go back in. I would call your chameleon's situation a possible hemipenile evertion/protrusion. I don't think it warrants a Vet visit just because of that particualr scenario as the Vet will not be able to find much, however, I have never considered it too much to have the Vet examine a healthy chameleon.


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