Progression of our "Ambanja" STUNNER going from BB to almost all Red

At this point we've already concluded he's a hybrid, and probably at least 25% Tamatave. His sire was a known Ambanja, Thor, at Kaleidoscope Chameleons. His mother? Something crazy. We call him Double Rainbow, but the name was more fitting a couple months ago ;-)

Coming out of the bag he was shipped to us in, at roughly 8-9 months of age:














We can't wait to see how he progresses. Maybe the Blue will make a comeback?

Thanks ChamCapture -- he really has been a treat of a pet, fascinating eye candy and great temperament.


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I LOVE hybrids, and he is no exception! Beautiful animal, I would love to experiment in hybrids someday!
Thanks everyone!

He's an eager breeder, and before we realized that he's very likely a hybrid, and not just a "special" Ambanja, we paired him with a female Ambanja from Chuck G's blue stock, and a Faly female (this was before we were lucky enough to score one of Rob's holdbacks) so we'll have some more hybrid babies in about a year with him as the sire... the clutch(es) from him with the Faly female should be particularly exciting to see.


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I think hybrids are beautiful! And your man is certainly a stunner! Can't wait to see if his blues do come back, but his reds are absolutely gorgeous =) !


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He is AMAZING!!! And for that matter it is really a breath of fresh air to hear someone call "locale" on what the animal looks like and not what they were told ;)


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Don't know how I missed this thread! He is looking AMAZING and I am glad you like him! No matter what locale he may be mixed with, he is still awesome.


He's really beautiful. What fun to see his progression and wonder what will happen next.


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im proud to say im the new owner of "double rainbow". bought him from a guy in saint pete. He is now better then ever, heres a pic from yestarday



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I would really hope you reconsider he is pure ambanja. Many ambanjas show more red rain than faly's. The red rain I do not think would be a sign of tamatave. If he were tamatave he would have pure sections of red, not just spots.
he's certainly looked more and more Ambanja after coming out of his red phase. I think the temporary red takeover may have been his "funk" phase, which I think I've seen you write about.

I believe he was bred by VeiledChams who is a member of the forum but not very active, had a sire named Thor from Kaleidoscope Chameleons that was a known Ambanja, and his dam was CH.

He sure has a ton of rain, though we thought that suggested more Faly than Tamatave. Tamatave was suggested by other members when he was turning red at rest and firing white.


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Double Rainbow -- Blue on Blue with heavy red rain-530513_710124985667900_370953766_n.jpg
Double Rainbow -- Blue on Blue with heavy red rain-1234453_710124852334580_768587739_n.jpg

Here is double rainbow as of two days ago. as you can see, he changed ALOT. so happy to have him.
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