Progress of my new setup!

Finally got my ledges and 1 full side of clear polycarbon on the backside! Thinking of adding a few more clear side or vinyl sides to it but for now I gotta grab some more foliage and a live plant!

Speaking of live plants, I’ve heard there is one that’s basically impossible to kill...I may need this as I am no green thumb lol.

Anyway, here’s some WIP shots! Kodama tried it out..he seemed more bewildered than upset!



Looking good! The other great thing about pothos is you can find them all over, even in winter. I see them at my local Walmart and grocery stores year round. I’ve killed many plants, but even my pothos cuttings thrive.
Got him an awesome new feeder cup + made him a “privacy wall” with a mesh and false foliage. Plan on incorporating some more foliage on the other side and perhaps aiming a sprayer or dripper there for easy drinking.


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