problem with calyptratus skin-help


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i tuck my chalyptratus and on cloe inspection i found those two ubnormal growht on his skin.
one is one side the other one is on oposite.
i am trying not to hold him so the last time was about 1 yer aog.
i dont like when he is all strest out.
i have noticed year maby more those yelow coluor but it was not with deforme skin....
when u get close u can se what i am talking about...
can someon give me a clue?
vets r no help cause no one is specialised in reptiles ...

can it be yellow fungy?
and apces on other side what to do with it?

close up


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u can se the skin tht didt fall off.
if u rub the skin (on pic, yellow and apces) it doesne smir off or do anything it appears like normal skin unde a finger....

pls tell me what is smart to do ?
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