Price$ at reptile shows..?


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hey guys! Love the site and thanks for all the help thus far!

I will be attending my first reptile show coming up this weekend in Columbus, OH [ Shows website ]

My first question is do these shows have a decent amount of accessories for Chameleons [ie: misters, drippers, cages and decor, ect]??

My second question is (assuming they have such items) what are prices like compared to petstores or Amazon??

If anyone has an opinion/ previous experiences i would greatly appreciate your input:D


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The shows around here tend to be cheaper/around the same price as online. This is SE Michigan, so close!

ReptiSUN tubes, screen enclosures, supplements all tend to be cheaper. Mist systems are around the same, but most times they don't have extra pieces if you need them.

I would suggest looking up prices of everything you think you'll need so when you get to the show you can buy whatever is cheaper, and then buy the rest online if needed!


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This is not always the case either. I have seen some way overpriced panthers at reptile shows. No lineage info or guarantee of sex either. Buyer beware.

I completely agree Reptoman, and I have seen Reptisun 5.0 bulbs selling for $25-30 each, which is above retail in most cases. On the other hand I have seen chams that were cheaper & you will get good deals on feeders at the shows too - BUT as always - Buyer Beware, cause if it looks like too good of a deal it probably is!


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I kind of figured they'd be about the same seeing how they have the show 6 or 7 times a year, but in the back of my mind I was secretly hoping for a "reptile flea market" :)

Any other advice/must-do's for a noob to shows?

Thanks again for all the replies everyone!


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Like Reptoman said Feeders are great to get at the shows. It allows you try all sorts of new insects and you save the huge shipping amounts you would normally pay. There is almost always someone there selling crickets and that alone will save you.

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You can save a ton on shipping but otherwise the savings are minimal. And often the animals are being sold by wholesalers and importers and are wc's. Unless you know the reputation of the seller buyer beware when purchasing animals at shows.


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There really is no general rule, I think, it will depend on the individual vendor. Some people definitely go with the idea of clearing out stock, so you may see animals for less than they would be online (even at the breeder's own website) and sometimes they will raise the price (like on ready-to-breed female ball pythons, who might be in high demand at the start of the season) so you just have to see.

I've always bought chameleons for about the same prices as everywhere else, so I've never saved money on a chameleon. But I've definitely gotten geckos in morphs worth several hundred dollars for at least 40% off average online prices (from well-known breeders), so I definitely come out winning on certain animal purchases if I'm willing to really take my time and look. Sometimes if it's Sunday and they know they aren't going to sell as much as they expected they may even make you a better deal, just to not have to pack up as many animals again.

I've found dry supplies to be about the same or more than on Amazon, but on certain things (especially heavy or large items) what you save on shipping is worth it.

And just to echo what others have said, definitely be careful at shows, especially when dealing with an animal purchase. Not everyone is trustworthy, and I'd hate for anyone to learn that the hard way. Overall I find people to be generally great but there's always a bad apple, so be smart and ask questions.
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