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Looks little roundish.
Can she be pregnant??
roo, what you think, this is your baby's.


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I do not know the answers to any of those questions, sorry. I would like to say that those are great pictures and a good looking chameleon. As well as the set-up.
Hehe, I doubt it since that's the male. Really like the sticks in the setup with all the moss and such growing on them. Probably wont see any breeding for another 2-3 mobths or so.

Thanks roo.
hey roo, is this normal for them group all in one corner together, or they will spread all over the tank later on?
Expect them to hang out in one area for the first 2-3 weeks. Given time, they will start to explore the rest of the tank. Its not uncommon for them to "hang out" with one another. Totally speculation/theory but I think females like to roost together and the male will always be close to the females for obvious reasons.

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