Pregnant? Not sure...


So this is pretty strange situation.
yesterday I brought to my house new male veiled. He is 2 years old, while my female is 8 months. What's strange about it?
Female is in the cage on my desk, while he is in cage on the opposite side of room. His cage was open, and when i came back home I saw him next to window, so he went through half of room. What surprised me? My female is in pregnant coulours. (black with green and yellow dots etc.)
Can anyone tell me... how? :)
Of course female cage was closed. He couldnt get inside it.
I'm pretty confused about that.
I know it was not wise to leave his cage open, but... pregnant? She probably only saw him. And she became pregnant? Is he so handsome?
They are like chickens, they have eggs even if the rooster is not around. She might just be ready to pop and telling the new male whats what.
I wouldn't be too concerned, if it wasn't able to get to her then she can;t be pregnant!

It's most likely just coincidence that the timing synced up for when you got him to when she was ready to lay eggs. That or the presence of a male has excited her ;)

I'd get the male cham's cage more secure though to ensure he doesn't escape again haha
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