Pregnant Jackson's?


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Here's the deal... Our local PetSmart just had a female give birth. The supplier supposedly keeps them separate. We bought the Jackson's before her and she has been getting steadily tubbier without a massive food increase. What do you guys think?
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It sure seems like she is expecting.
Be sure her care is 100% correct and be sure that she is fed a variety of well-fed feeders, which are properly dusted with supplements following a schedule designed for Jackson's--which is about 1/2 as much as Panther and Veiled chams need.
For a Jackson's this means:
Plain calcium without D3 at every other feeding but with a pregnant female every feeding may be advisable--I will defer to experienced Jackson's breeders on that
Calium with D3 should only be used 1x a month
Multivitamin 1x a month
Jackson's are harmed by too much D3 and/or too many multivitamin dustings--but both are needed 1x a month for each

Learn all you can beforehand and get things ready.

Jackson's typically give birth in the morning.

There have been a number of good threads about Jackson's babies, one is this one, especially post #19:

I'd love to help more but I do not have enough Jackson's breeding experience to do so.
SCMCNARY has a female who recently gave birth, so you may wish to peruse his threads.

If you need any help with the adult Jackson's care, please don't hesitate to ask.
Here is an excellent caresheet for the Jackson's:
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