Pregnant cham behavior?


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hi all,

i have a female cham (werner's), that i think is pregnant...but i want to make sure that she's pregnant and not sick or something...aside from her growing plump belly, i've noticed the following behavior:

-increased morning appetite
-likes to rest and bask under the heating area more and more during the day
-seems to fend of the male's advances (the few times that i've seen him try to put the moves on her)...

presumably she's pregnant? i figured if she was resting more because she was sick, then her appetite would also decrease...but that doesn't seem to be the case...

anyone have any insight on this?
any information is greatly appreciated!
sounds like she is pregnant. Alot of energy is going into her . Do you have her indoors?

Male?fighting?, bingo- preggers!

Usually the apetite will decrease if an animal is sick or bored with food, but yours should be a little piggie. I feed mine more often but smaller servings; just remember she will have alot of her mass taken up by baby mass soon.

Good luck,

wow....that's a relief to hear! it's the first time that i'm dealing with a pregnant chameleon....we actually bought the pair, knowing the possibility that they might mate...just not that she would be pregnant so soon! we're keeping our two werner's indoors in a 16"X16"X30" screen cage (we're in san diego). the boy's name is "reishi", and the soon-to-be-mommy is "enoki"...enjoy the pictures!

btw, i know gestation is a few months for these you know typically with chameleons, how long it take to go from insemination to getting noticably bigger due to pregnancy (to "showing"), and then how long from just showing pregnancy to actual birth? since we got them just a few weeks ago, i'm assuming that our little girl werner was already pregnant when we got her, just not showing...

btw, here's a picture of our other chub-a-lub...our first chameleon, an ambanja panther named "niko"

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Your female is showing acceptance color, in other words she's ready...

I mated my pair on 3/4/06 and she has looked like a balloon since the beginning of May.

ahh good to know :) the thing is that we got the pair about a month ago, and she was already that color...but only about 4 weeks later, she is already starting to fill up...maybe she was already pregnant and still wanted some loving? :p hehe... do they retain these colors throughout the pregnancy?

thanks for the advice!!!
=^_^= eric
Are you still housing them together?The pic looks like she is in the very early stages or not gravid.Do you have a more recent one?I have had alotof gravid werneri and noticed they display different colors.
hi there,
i'm still housing them together. actually, that picture was about 2 weeks or so before we started to notice that she was getting bigger...and at this point, her colors have changed since that pic...she's much duller, less green...more...ashy?/grey...she's much plumper, and she's basking a lot. she also just shed. any pointers on how to tell if she's going to give birth soon? color changes or behavior-wise?
here's a pic of her as of yours look like this?


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