?? preferred incubators ??


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Looking for anyone who has recommendations on an incubator. Will be used for Veiled & Blue Bar Ambilobe Panther. Thanx...


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Wanted to thank everyone for their posts and advice. your help was much appreciated. i tried several of your ideas. (Man, cham breeders are just greedy!!!!!! Or someone may have actually posted some help. Seriuosly in 5 months someone couldn't (excuse me, wouldn't) help.)


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For veileds and panthers your probably best off just using the closet method, so long as you do not live in an area with much inclement weather Or a poorly energy efficient home.

There are several threads on incubators if you try searching... Which I recommend one to do before making a thread such as this.....


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LOL sorry- didn't see your post.

Sometimes this is my fancy incubator:


It came free with my house and it works really well. Doubles as a bathroom sink cabinet and storage space.

If you really want an incubator because you are playing with breaking diapause or want more control because you are obsessive compulsive or something, really a styrophome incubator for chickens from tsc tractor supply works great and lasts years.

If you are about to have lots of eggs, or just want to make your own, click the link to my blog below and you can find how to build an incubator in the "how to" section.


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Thanx for a reply, you two. i was actually reviewing my threads i started to help little leaf, when i noticed this one. it kinda struck me as odd that no one ever posts to people asking about incubators. i have seen a lot go unanswered. Hence, my smarta** comments. i can only think of two reasons for this: 1) no one wants others to make money other than them 2) current breeders find anyone asking these questions to be unworthy of breeding. i myself, have built 5 styrofoam cooler incubators using heat cables and proportional heat regulators. so, i am up to speed as of 4 months ago. thanx though.


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I can tell you I didn't answer because I never used one. All my incubating has been done in a closet, stereo cabinet and basement. Never had the need for one.



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I've been using the exo terrra incubator that heats and cools. it has been super accurate! We don't have stable heating and cooling (we live in an old house) that's why I bought this. Been doing good for 3 months now.
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