Prayers Needed For A Great Grand

Hey forums,

I could really use some prayers for my great grand, Thalin. He is not doing well and I am hoping to get him to the vet as soon as they open per instructions from ferretinmyshoes who is his regular vet 2 hours away (which will be in about 30 minutes).

He has been battling a tongue issue for several months now and had to go to the vet a couple weeks ago when he started swallowing his tongue. He got better with meds but grew dehydrated over the weekend and took a turn for the worst last night while I slept despite my efforts of nursing him yesterday when I found him lying on his side this morning on the floor of his enclosure. Thought he was dead till he sprang back to life!

So again if you guys could send good vibes my way, he really needs them. Thank you!


When reading hoe much u care for him. I think its serves you well when hè gets better. Keep fighting for your cham!
Unfortunately Thalin had begun to give up at the end and was suffering so I made the hard decision to euthanize. I will be making him a memorial thread later today.

Thank you both for your support.
Thank you everyone your support is very comforting. His passing is very hard on me and the decision was even harder to make but I am glad he is no longer suffering.

Even the vet who put him down cried with me, Thalin just touched the hearts of so many and was a very special chameleon.


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I'm so sorry for your loss. The decision is always rough but is part of the deal we strike when we bring an animal into our lives.


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Awe very sorry to hear. I have had to euthanize two myself and it is always a hard decision. I am sure you did the right thing.
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